My new book “The balancing act of innovation” : discover the chapters

Here are the chapters of my new book, “The balancing act of innovation” written with Walter Van Dyck and a group of Vlerick management School professors:

Foreword: Rudy Provoost, Chief Executive Officer, Philips Lighting

Chapter 1 · Arteconomy: stimulating creativity and innovation through art

Chapter 2 · A technology intelligence system to enable open innovation at VIB

Chapter 3 · A showcase in show business: Studio 100 outperforms the competition through product leadership Addressing every aspect of children’s entertainment

Chapter 4 · Belgacom Mobile: IT-enabled process innovation in turbulent industries

Chapter 5 · Breaking into an established market through a process of experimentation: the case of GreenPan

Chapter 6 · How to survive your own business model innovation: the story of Bongo

Chapter 7 · The sagacity of Sigasi: financing an innovative start-up with limited resources

Chapter 8 · Winning the disruptive technology game: the case of Alcatel Access Network Division (A.N.D.)

Chapter 9 · The benefits of open innovation in low-tech SMEs: the Quilts of Denmark story. The fight against commoditisation

Chapter 10 · Growth by necessity and design: the balancing act of new business platforms at Cronos

Chapter 11 · Going Beyond the Pill: Business Transformation through Corporate Venturing at Janssen Pharmaceutica

Epilogue · BIC’s innovation journey. An interview with Billy Salha, General Manager Europe, BIC


One response to “My new book “The balancing act of innovation” : discover the chapters

  1. Hi Philippe,
    Wow, I had to loop up the word “sagacity”. I look forward to getting my hands on the book.
    Talk to you next week.

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